Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 8......Reality...Learning each other

Today is our last day in the least this time around. We started the morning with breakfast from 7-Eleven.....yes you read that! To pass time, we went for a swim in the hotel's infinity pool.

Then it was time to prepare to leave for our outing today......hit a minor snag but we all got back on track! I know God is up to something good in our lives and also JE.

Went back to Greenhills to try to find a specific item we were looking for. Then finally got to have lunch at Shakey's.....LET ME tell you....I love that place!! Ty wanted to buy the hot sauce that WASN'T for sale....why oh why did the manager give him a bottle! I think he has at least 5 new sauces to add to his collection!!

Next it was off to Rizal Park and then Intramuros! We finished the day off with bowling at Mega Mall before we went back to the hotel to prepare for the airport!

Last stop....airport to check in for midnight flight!! Going home to all my babies!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 7.....Officially official....Let's celebrate

Today is visit ICAB day. We started our morning stopping by Jollibee to get some breakfast on our way to ICAB. When we got there, we saw 2 American couples and one Spanish couple with their children. Our SW assigned to us was with an American couple that we actually knew through our online group.

Once with our SW, she presented Joseph and us with gifts on behalf of ICAB. We received a jeepney, PI flag, adoption book with PI recipes and an ICAB tote bag! We were then asked to write a letter to Joseph in his file for him to read one day if/when he comes back and wants to see his entire file. 

Next was the passing off of various items. First...the beloved and longed for passport with visa attached. Then some other items to include the paperwork need to show the airport in order for us to leave the PI with our son.

Our agency director, Jan Druckenmiller of SPCO, is in country and she met us at ICAB so we can finally meet in person. Next we headed on to do a little shopping before heading to Ocean Park Manila. There aquarium is different from one you would see in the states but it was a nice experience and their exhibits were well put together and thought of..we finished this trip with the Sea Lion showing which was awesome. Our driver then took us on the Manila City tour and ended it with a trip to the American Military Cemetery! During our tour we saw were they did the taping in various scenes for Bourne Legacy.

Next was our hour I repeat hour drive to MegaMall to meet some friends for dinner at Viking. This is a drive that would take 20 minutes in the states but because of Manilas traffic...times can be very uncertain!! It was great see Dr Wen and ate Cristy again and meeting my new ate Camello who spoiled JE. Never a dull moment when I get with my Filipino family. They even had the restaurant sing Happy Birthday to JE and one of his ninang gave him 1000Peso for his advance Christmas gift!! They are so excited for him and our family!! Now let me talk about's about the size of Captain George's....probably bigger! There was an array of things to choose from...fresh sushi, monogolian, seafood, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, carving station with lamb, Filipino food, a huge drink station with at least 20 choices and just as much or more at the dessert station. I mean I was in food heaven!! My only regret was not taking pictures. They food was fresh and simply amazing!!

Ended the night organizing and packing!!